1.12 update

05.04.2016 1.12.152 is ready for download in customer area. This version features improvements and bug fixes since 1.12.101 release.

Changes in 1.12.152:


  • Added Favourite TV channels feature (#4393)
  • An STB can now be remotely rebooted (#4917)
  • Personal hotspot Wi-Fi channel can now be switched from the settings menu (#4916)
  • Added Indonesian localization (#4900)
  • Added notification in case of activation of a PA/GA system (#4433)
  • Added ISO-8859-2 encoding support for movie subtitles (#4589)
  • Token protected TV channels can now also be recorded with local PVR (#4618)
  • Added program description to the EPG (#4937)
  • Encrypted multicast streams can now also be recorded with local PVR (#4936)
  • A main menu element, starting a particular stream playback is now available (#5036)
  • Fixed video stream issues for some mpeg2 TV channels on NetUP Dual Core STB (#4902)
  • Fixed audio stream switching on NetUP Quad Core STB (#4908)


  • Added CBR/VBR setting for transcoding (#4768)
  • Added mpeg2 audio streams transcoding option (#4519)
  • Added eac3 audio streams transcoding option (#4828)
  • Multiple transcoding streams now may be setup for the same input (#4947)
  • Added multiple mosaics setup (#4847)
  • Fixed deinterlacing issues that appeared on certain Intel processors (#4223)
  • Fixed issues with processing video streams with no audio tracks (#4733)


  • Added info page editor that allows one to create an info page, accessible from the main menu (#4758)
  • The blocking alert (insufficient funds) message may now be customized (#4548)
  • Fast forwarding may now be blocked for a certain amount of time after a movie (VoD content) start (#4789)
  • Backup status is now displayed at the Status page (#4377)
  • Debit report has been added in manager's web interface (#4428)
  • Date and time now may be set up manually (#4895)
  • PMS integration service now may be managed on Services page (#4769)
  • For hotel solution, personnel password is now set up on the Android Settings page (#4782)
  • Interface for editing attached services has been revised and enhanced (#4910)
  • Fixed issues with emailing bills from Android shop (#4488)
  • Fixed an issue with accessing non blockable services when account is blocked (#4562)
  • Fixed an issue not allowing to set a port for a Radio stream other than 1234 (#4569)
  • Fixed an issue with saving comments when making a payment (#4588)
  • Fixed tooltips on transcoding setup page (#4642)
  • Fixed manager's interface login issue when using Firefox browser (#4645)
  • Fixed TV channels watching statistics CSV export (#4800, 4941)


  • Added mobile Android application support (#4522)
  • PA/GA feature may now be used in Streamers (Servers with Streamer firmware) (#4678)
  • Added w_scan utility for scanning DVB/ATSC signals (#4780)
  • The obsolete version of the administrator's interface, the UCC, has been excluded from distributives (#5111)
  • Fixed sending incorrect debits issue with PMS that appeared in case of a sudden server reboot (#4861)
  • Fixed LCD hang on "setting new password" issue (#4878)
  • Fixed a bug, causing scheduled EPG download to fail (#5104)

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