NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x

NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x - an universal solution for receiving analogue video streams and compress them to MPEG-2, for broadcast in IP network.

NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x supports 8 AV (8 CVBS and 8 unbalanced stereo analog audio channels) and one ASI input, received streams multiplexing and transmitting over ASI and IP outputs simultaneously. NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x support MPEG-2 video encoding, as well as audio encoding in MPEG1-LAYER 2, AAC and AC3. As a result, high compatibility and integrated design makes extensive use of this device in the various digital television broadcast systems.

NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x front view NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x rear view
NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x front viewNetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x rear view
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Physical & Power

  • standard rack-mount case for 19" telecom rack
  • height: 1U
  • power supply: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz
  • dimensions (WHD): 482 x 44 x 455 mm


  • 8 x AV inputs
  • 1 ASI input
  • 1 ASI output
  • 1 IP output

Control & Administration

  • front panel LCD
  • keyboard support


  • MPEG2 encoding
  • Supports PAL NTSC
  • Supports following resolutions:
    720x480_60i, 720x576_50i
    544x480_60i, 544x576_50i
    480x480_60i, 480x576_50i
    352x480_60i, 352x576_50i
  • Supports multiplexing function
  • Support Maximal 108 Mbps ASI input
  • 0.8 Mbps - 20 Mbps each channel


  • type: carton box
  • dimensions: 570 x 135 x 570 mm
  • weight: 4 kg


NetUP MPEG-2 Encoder 8x User’s Manual  
Updated: 22.02.2013